Monday, 18 July 2011

26 words

My entire office was shaken by my screams this morning.

I swear I wasn’t exaggerating. My joy exploded inside me and I couldn’t hold it in. This is even better than the couple who won 100 million pounds. SOMEONE REPLIED TO MY ONLINE PROFILE!!!

Bring out the wedding kit! Where should I hold my wedding dinner?! Oh dear! I need to lose weight fast! I should pick up names for our children now! Is my current savings enough for their tertiary education?

Wait…is that my biological clock or my desperado-self speaking? More like my burning loins.

ANYWAY, MOVING ON, here’s the perfect 26 words to brighten up the first day of the rest of my life. I am soooooo in love….

Hi, read your profile.

Hope we can make a couple...

BTW, Im not a chatter box, but I can talk about any subject under the sky.

Hope we can make a couple….He’s thinking along the same lines as me… Awww…..Is this love or what…?

Esther Nook – smitten by a 26-word email