Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Online Dating Profile - Truth/False

Here comes the crunch. Should I spill the truth and risk having no messages or create an enticing image to garner at least a few first (but probably only) dates?

TRUTH                                                                                  WHAT MEN WISH IS THE TRUTH
Name: Esther Nook                                                        Name: Honey Jelly Smith
Age: 27                                                                                 Age: 24
Location: Earth                                                                  Location: Heaven (People say I’m an Angel *wink*)
Sexuality: Female (STRAIGHT)                                   Sexuality: Adventurous
Body Type: Medium                                                       Body Type: Curvaceous. Vivacious. Perfect.
Personality: Introvert                                                    Personality: Fun-loving
Looks: Average                                                                 Looks: Sweet, chic and feminine
Hobbies: Reading.                                                           Hobbies: A wide variety
Looking for: A life-partner                                           Looking for: Someone to laugh and enjoy life