Thursday, 30 June 2011

Love & Money

After the movies last night, I adjourned to a pub at an International Hotel Chain. The place was empty except for a few patrons.

10 minutes later, hordes of Asian girls flock in.

Working Asian Girls.

They came, approached the single, lonely men who were there at the pub, laughed, flicked their hair, touched their hands, threw their bodies towards them and within 5 minutes, left with their new “customers” hand in hand. I saw it in front of my eyes, not once, but a couple of times last night.

Welcome to the World of Fast Food Love.

Love, lust, or whatever you want to call it, is simply an exchange of money in our Fast Food World. You want some food? Wait at the counter, give me your order, hand me the money and within a minute, ta-da! Food is served. You want some love? Go sign up at the gazillion matchmaking agencies in the market – clamoring for whatever money singles have. Register with them, pay the membership and wait in line for your next great date (or so they promise).

Whatever happens to I-Want-Love-And-Not-Money/Romeo-and-Juliet soap opera situations that exist in the past? It seems that without money, we can’t find love now.

I read a report a few days ago about a man who signed up with 5 different dating agencies. He went out on 5 dates and on every date, he was matched with the same girl. SAME GIRL. Holy Christ. It’s either they are destined to be together or there are just too many matchmaking agencies who are making money out of our plight.

After being single for the past 6 years, I don’t believe in Destiny anymore. 

I believe in Free-Online-Dating Agencies. And so, here’s my quest to find a great online-dating agency who offers free database listing and search functions.

Until the next bout of loneliness kick in, maybe I’ll consider the possibility of exchanging money for the hope of Love again. Till then, wish me luck. I’ll keep updating.

With lots of Love (don’t worry, I’m not charging you any money),
Esther Nook